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for Students
  • "...I am eternally gratefull for
    what you did for my family and me."

    ~ Jamie Wilson, BSW 



The mission of The Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance to those who have the desire to further their education, have demonstrated their ability to succeed but lack the necessary financial resources.

  • Students currently residing in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroxpex area can apply for financial aid.
  • Donors can make contributions.
  • Educators and counselors can explore resources for their students
  • Everyone can view:

Our financial information, including our tax returns
Our performance record
Our organizational documents
Our Board of Directors

Q. Why give to The Scholarship Fund instead of another charity?
A. Consider criteria adopted by the GIVE WELL EDUCATION CHARITES   

  • Is the charity’s program cost effective?
    The Scholarship Fund has delivered ninety seven ($.97) cents out of every dollar ($1.00) collected to the student. Our only expense has been printing and postage.
  • Does the charity share it’s information with transparency?
    All financial, organizational and performance information of The Scholarship Fund, since it’s inception, is available upon request.
  • Can the Charity productively use additional funds?
    The Scholarship Fund has developed selection and scholarship renewal processes which have yielded deserving and determined recipients. The Scholarship Fund only grants semester-by-semester scholarships and requires its recipients to achieve a 2.5 GPA in order to fund additional semesters. For more information about our criteria and application process go to the “For Students” tab above.
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